U.S. Map Coloring Activities! (States & Capitals, Physical Features, 5 Regions)


Teaching about the geography of the U.S.? These three map activities will help! Included are: States & CapitalsPhysical Features, and the 5 U.S. Regions. This print-and-go resource is No-Prep and great for independent learners. In addition, Google compatible links are provided so that directions, sample maps, and self-assessments can be used digitally!



– No prep-work or planning is needed!

– Great addition to American History lessons.

– Student-centered for independent use.

– Excellent resource to keep in your Emergency Sub Folder.



– Three Map Activities

  • States & Capitals
  • Physical Features
  • 5 U.S. Regions

– Blank, printable maps.

– Student-friendly directions.

– “Check for Understanding” Self-Assessments.

– Sample, completed maps to use as guides.


– A Teacher Guide

  • Teacher Outline
  • Links to Google compatible resources
  • Answer Keys for self-assessments


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