Tony the Tourist Social Studies Accessories- Binder Organizers, Passport Book, Posters, & More!


Teaching Social Studies with Tony the Tourist?? Then you NEED this pack of accessories to enhance your students’ experience!

Included are Binder Organizers, like a Binder Cover, Unit Dividers, and Tabs, a student Passport Book to take records of their social studies journey, Classroom Posters, a Moveable Tony PowerPoint, and More!


These accessories are a great supplement to any social studies unit, but works best with a year-long curriculum, like THIS ONE.



– Binder Organizers

  • A Binder Cover Page.
  • 8 Unit Dividers with space to write the unit title.
  • 2 sets of Divider Tabs.
  • One blank Unit Divider.


– Classroom Posters

Use these as markers for learning during each unit. Different size and style options are provided. Poster Titles:

  • “Current Unit”
  • “Word Wall”
  • “Essential Question”
  • “Learning Objectives”
  • “Where will Tony go next?”
  • “Our Travel Log”


– A Student Passport Book

  • Allows students to keep a record of where they have traveled throughout their Social Studies journey!
  • Pages are formatted to be print-ready.
  • Students can personalize their Passports.
  • ‘Tony Travel Stamps’ are included for approval of each completed travel page.


– Moveable Tony and World Map PowerPoint

  • Project the map onto a classroom board, and move Tony to the location that aligns with the current unit!
  • Google Slides version available.
  • Moveable Tony can be resized.


– ‘Take Tony on a Trip’ Poster

  • Printable and can be labeled with the destination.
  • Awesome for field trips and independent student vacations!


– Free-Write Response Sheets

  • Helps students to organize free-write activity responses.


– Teacher Guide

  • Provides suggestions and instructions for best use of the accessories.




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