People of the American Revolution- Research Activity! (NO Prep & Google 1:1)


Supplement your American Revolution unit with this ‘People of Revolution’ research activity! Students will need access to computers/tablets for online research, or books that provide a wide-range of biographical information from the revolutionary period. There are 25 ‘People of Revolution’ notes-making pages and a Teacher Guide that provides you with a variety of suggestions for optimal implementation. This resource is also Google 1:1 Compatible and Easel Compatible. Let your independent learners have fun learning about new people as well as familiar people with this resource!


– 25 different “People of Revolution” note-making, research pages

– 1 additional blank biography page (so you can add more topics if needed)

– A Teacher Guide

– A variety of implementation suggestions

– A Jigsaw Activity student worksheet

– A link the Google compatible notes

“People of Revolution” Topics:

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Crispus Attucks

Benjamin Franklin

Sam Adams

Betsy Ross

Alexander Hamilton

Benedict Arnold

John Adams

Patrick Henry

Marquis De Lafayette

Thomas Paine

Roger Sherman

Charles Cornwallis

Deborah Sampson

John Hancock

Paul Revere

John Livingston

Abigail Adams

James Madison

Ethan Allen

William Howe

John Jay

Nathan Hale

James Armistead

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