Native American Cultural Regions- Read & Research! (Readings, Flip Book, Test)


Have your students learn about the Native American Cultural Regions with informational reading passages and research activities for deeper learning! This resource provides you with a 2-3 week, NO-PREP lesson.

The main resource is a student ‘Read & Research’ workbook with a page of informational text on each region and two different research activity options on tribes of your students’ choice. An accompanying interactive Flip Book, a PowerPoint for teacher-guided instruction, and an end-of-unit assessment are also included. The student workbook is Google 1:1 compatible, and reading and literacy skill building activities are built-in.

Use this with independent learners, or for whole class-read alouds; enjoy the options!


A Student ‘Read & Research’ Workbook with:

  • Annotations Directions and a Vocabulary List
  • A Unit Outline with topics and page numbers
  • 1-page of informational readings for each of the SEVEN Native American Cultural tribes:

– Eastern Woodland

– Southeast

– Great Plains

– Southwest

– Plateau

– Northwest Coast

– California Intermountain

  • Two Research Activity Options:

1- “Pick a Tribe” activity. Includes a research chart and infographic poster. Select from the options in the workbook, or pick your own!

2- “A Tribe in Each Region” activity. Includes a research chart for each region. Students can pick from the “Tribe Spotlight” section with each region’s informational page, or teacher-selected tribes.

An Interactive Flip Book that includes:

  • Student directions
  • A Flip Book Cover Page
  • A summarization page for each region with a bottom tab for easy use!

An Assessment

  • 5 Multiple Choice
  • 5 True/False
  • One short response

A PowerPoint

  • Aligned with the informational text of the student workbook
  • Great for read-alouds and whole-class learning

A Teacher Guide with Answer Keys

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