Maya, Aztec, and Inca Workbook- Google 1:1 Compatible and Student-Centered!


This Mesoamerica: Maya, Aztec, and Inca student-workbook is brought to you by Tony the Tourist! It is completely student-centered and makes independent learning a breeze. The workbook is also Google 1:1 compatible. Reading skill building activities (including Summarize, Main Idea, Annotations, and Guided Notes-Taking) are included throughout the workbook to enhance literacy development.

This workbook is easy to use in hybrid classrooms, with at-home learners, or fully in-person classes. And as a bonus- your students will love learning ancient civilizations of the Americas with Tony the Tourist!


  • Vocabulary List
  • A Unit Outline with page numbers
  • Five Lessons:  1. An Overview of Mesoamerica, 2. The Maya Civilization, 3. The Aztec Empire, 4. The Inca Empire, 5. The Fall of Ancient America
  • Reading Passages with Guided Notes
  • Reading Skills activities
  • Study Guide
  • Google 1:1 Compatible

Why stop here? Get an entire MESOAMERICA: MAYA, AZTEC, AND INCA UNIT BUNDLE! The unit includes this workbook along with an Activity Lapbook, PowerPoint, a Teacher Guide, and a Test.

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